QSL Cards are ready for delivery!



The Dxpedition is over

All the logs were uploaded.

We will print the QSL cards in few months

Thanks everybody and 73!


Ready to go!

xIMG_1755The antennas tests were completed with excellent results. Now we are ready to go.
Tomorrow morning we will begin our trip to Croatia.
We will focus especially on DX (JA, U.S., VK, ZL, etc.) and try to exploit any opening also working during the night. We want to give the opportunity to contact  EU-110 to amateur radio operators outside Europe. You can report openings via SMS to the mobile number published below.

See you on air, 73!



Additional References



The activation is also valid for the I.O.C.A. (Island Of Croatia Award) and for the W.L.O.T.A. (World Lighthouse On the Air) award.

Reference numbers are:

  • IOCA= CI-118
  • WLOTA= 3152

All the references will be printed on the QSL card.



SMS Service

Most likely, on the island , we will not have a permanent Internet connection. So we thought to provide a mobile phone number where you can send us SMS. Use it to communicate suggestions, propagation openings and everything you feel useful to the dxpedition.
The number is +39 392 241 8274 (we will not answer to phone calls)



01Welcome to the website of the IOTA DXpedition to St. Nikola Island, EU-110.

We will be active from 28 May to 2 June 2010 using our home call (9A/I2OGV, 9A/I2RFJ, 9A/I2ZBX, 9A/IZ2LSC).
We chose to activate this island because, according to  RSGB IOTA statistics, only 51% of ham participants to the program received the accreditation for EU-110.
Our goal is to contact as much radioham as we can.


Real Time Propagation

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