Limbiate-Milan: the last interurban tramway




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The tramway line was born in 1882 as an interurban "horse traction" tramway connecting Milan to Porta Volta, in Affori (near Milan). Since 1939 it is operated by the Milan ATM that identifies it as line 179. The Milano-Limbiate line is one of the oldest in the interurban network of Milan along with the Milan-Desio line (closed in 2011). The "little train" of Limbiate constitutes an important asset for the history of transport development in the Province of Milan and in the municipality of Limbiate. The historic cabs of Milan-Limbiate today are true museum pieces, but at that time they were the most modern and advanced transportation the industry could offer. Of Interurban tramway lines built in the last three decades of the nineteenth century and the first two decades of the twentieth century remain only the Milan-Limbiate and Trieste-Opicina.

The line has threatened to close several times due to the poor maintenance performed by ATM that compromised the security. A popular uprising leds ATM to maintain the tramway and now every day the line serves about 7,000 travelers (tourists, commuters, students) moving from the suburbs to the center of Milan.