Back to Mexico

I will be back to Mexico from 16 to 31 July 2013.

You can find all the details surfing this website.

See you on air


Andrea, IZ2LSC

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QSL update

All the QSOs were uploaded on LoTW. This include QSO done with the call XE3/IZ2LSC and XF3/IZ2LSC (iota NA-045) as well.

Also the DIRECT paper QSLs are being sent in these days. I hope you will receive it soon.


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QSL design is ready

With the help of EB7DX and EC7ZK the QSL design is ready.

Now we have to send it to the printer and start replying to all the direct requests first.

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NA-045 is accepted by IOTA

After providing all the documentation, the IOTA Manager approved my operation from NA-045. All the QSL will be accepted and accredited for the IOTA award.

How to send QSL? Look HERE

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What the world said

The adventure is over.
Once at home, along with a thousand memories, it’s always nice to look at the clusters to understand how the worldwide amateur radio community has seen my activity.
Below, I collected the spots on the cluster regarding my callsign during the Mexican activity.
Thanks to everyone for the nice comments and fortunately I do not read any complaints or criticism (despite my slow CW!)

See you at the next adventure!

Andrea, IZ2LSC

Callsigns     YY/MM/DD UTC     FREQ   Remarks                         Reporter
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1757Z  18107.5 TNX FOR QSO RTTY                RU3OW
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1740Z  18105.0 599 UP RTTY  NA-045             EC8CQ
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1723Z  18104.0 rtty up 1 tnx                   DH3KM
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1714Z  18105.7 RTTY qsx 107.7                  IZ7BFR
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1709Z  18105.7 lsn up                          SP9FUC
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1703Z  18104.0 RTTY                            OK1FIM
XF2/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1653Z  18105.7 RTTY up 2                       W2QO
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1644Z  18105.7 QSX 18106.82 RTTY NA045         W4DXX
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1640Z  18105.7 RTTY up 1                       K2RET
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1624Z  18071.0                                 K1LWI-#
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1611Z  18072.0 Tnx qso... UP-2                 RK3ZZ
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1611Z  18072.0 wkd up 2.5                      DL1KUR
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1600Z  18072.0 UP 1,6                          UR5LF
XF3/IZ2LSC    11/08/14 1519Z  18071.9 073.6                           RV2FW
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Audio and Video

I just uploaded some new audios and videos recording.

Check it now in the media section of this website.






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Propagation forecast

Here there is a table with the predicted openings from XF3.
UTC is Greenwich time and LT is local time (on the Island).
I will pay particular attention to the openings in red.
Let’s hope in the sunspots!!!

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Antenna test

Yesterday I spent all the day testing the antenna I’m going to use in Mexico.
All went fine. The vertical dipoles resonance is good and also the performances seems good.
With the antenna very near to houses and walls I was able to listen to JA stations in 17m.

Also the vertical for 30m seems to be fine, at least from a resonance point of view (SWR less the 1.3:1 at the centre of the band).

Let’s see what’s happen on the island with the antenna mounted very close to the sea.

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Welcome on my website.

These pages contain a lot of useful information about my Mexican Adventure.

I will try to keep this website updated during the adventure, but consider that the best method to follow me is using twitter: @iz2lsc.

I hope you will enjoy the website and my Ham Activity as well.

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